Instructions for arts and scholarly book authors:

Arts and Academic Publishing accepts academic and literary book-length manuscripts for review.  All areas of academic inquiry are considered.  Authors do not require an agent to receive consideration. Instructions for authors:

Letter of transmittal

Submissions must be accompanied by an e-mail submitted to the Editor that:

  • Names the book title and area of academic inquiry, if there is one.
  • Identifies the corresponding author.
  • Verifies that the submission has not been previously published and is not in consideration by another outlet.
  • Verifies that any copyright permission for reproduced work has been received.
  • Verifies by name for academic works that a colleague or advisor (provide professional e-mail address) has previewed and provided comments on the manuscript.
  • All co-authors must provide specific evidence that they have made a substantial contribution to the paper.
  • Submissions of academic works also must be accompanied by the names, affiliations and e-mail addresses of two reviewers with whom the author does not have a personal connection.

The manuscript should be in double-spaced, single column format.  Tables may be created in the document or imported from a spreadsheet.  Figures should be imbedded in the document as jpg or tif files.  Color figures and web links are acceptable.


Authors should submit to a letter of transmittal and a manuscript linked as a GoogleDocs or MS Word file.  Once submitted, the ms. is given an initial screening to determine if its topic is within our area of interest and, in the case of academic works, has potential for receiving favorable peer review.  Academic manuscripts meeting submission criteria are sent to reviewers with the names of authors and their institutional affiliations removed.  All books accepted for publication must receive professional copy-editing.  Authors may use their own editor or they may use our in-house editing service.  Authors of accepted books must approve a proof copy of their publication and complete and return a publishing agreement.

Academic titles:

Forest birds of Connecticut and Rhode Island, by Robert Craig (updated 4/1/2020)

     Details the distribution, population densities, population trends and habitat affinities of forest birds in southern New England.
     open access e-book: view here
     print version: $29.95 + shipping + sales tax:

Forest birds of Connecticut and Rhode Island: maps of distributions and population densities, by Kyle Arvisais and Robert Craig (updated 4/1/2020)

     Presents maps of the distributions and population densities of the forest birds of southern New England.
     open access e-book: view here.
     print version: $29.95 + shipping + sales tax:

       Erratum for earlier versions of these books: view here.

Notable notes: a history of United States currency, by Peter Jones

     Provides a comprehensive overview of the history of United States paper currency within the larger context of important personalities and major events in U.S. history.
     preview here.
     hardcover print version: $129.95 + shipping + sales tax:

     paperback print version: $115.95 + shipping + sales tax:

     e-book version: $29.95 + sales tax:

Arts Titles:

Fanny, by Michelle Constantine Cole

    Poetry based on personal recollections
    preview here
    print version: $19.95 + shipping + sales tax:

Untitled twenty-five, by Michelle Constantine Cole 

     Poetry springing from reflections on personal experiences.
     preview here.
     print version: $14.95 + shipping + sales tax:

     e-book version: $9.95 + sales tax:

Italian spices: a memoir, by Cynthia Herbert-Bruschi Adams 

     A personal account of experiences growing up in a family with close ties to Italy, Italian culture and Italian history.  
     preview here.
     print version: $14.95 + shipping + sales tax:

     e-book version: $9.95 + sales tax:

This Raucous Worship, by Denise Coffey

     Poetry focusing on the natural world and personal reflections. 
     preview here.
     print version: $19.95 + shipping + sales tax:

     ebook version: $9.95 + sales tax:
Meeting Julianne, by Robert Craig

     Fiction that explores the nature of time.
     open access e-book view here.
     print version: $14.95 + shipping + sales tax:

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